A new beginning to a old chapter

Welcome to my second chance, I've completely redesigned my service offerings, image, and assistance to a more widely and readily available approach. Personal one on one support, content and coaching is the name of the game and it is time to get back to the old days. So here is my hand lets take a step back and do it right this time.

Health and Fitness

Business and Marketing

Spiritual Outreach

Attachment and Relationships

Now on Fiverr

Looking for a one on one, step by step plan? Check out the new fiverr gigs offering for planned easy step instruction coaching for your mind, body, and soul. Three of the main focus areas to life changing results. Each course can be completed in the comfort of your home and does not require any elaborate equipment or setup for life changing results. See you in a call soon!

Win of the month!

With mental heath awareness closing to a end a story made it’s way back to me. A woman that I know had been on medication to aid in mental heath struggles but was upset at the feeling and being unable to cry. After letting her know my story and recommending working out and slowly get off the medication I learned that she is off the medication and feels like her self again! Hard work turns into sometimes the greatest rewards you don’t think about.