Do you know why you are not the person you want to be? Is it your mind, your body or your soul? Have you really given it your 210%?

Sit down and let me tell you a thing or two about success. It doesn't come easy, it doesn't come when everything is right in your life, and it sure will not be painless or without sacrifice. During 2023 I had a few problems, drinkinging, relationship issues, finances as others but I had the life changing event happen that I want to save you from. 

This life coaching program will not only give you the mindset, body and faith to succeed but it will give you the outreach and understanding what held you back to help others and band together. We do it better, we do it faster and we pinpoint with the best in the world on how to make you the person you've always wanted to be. 

What is the Agoge 


We help you to take back controll of the only thing in this world you can control. You can't control others, you can't even control your own body but if you think the sky is blue well what color is it?


What if I told you there is a remedy for depression, your anxiety, being over or underweight, to have a better self esteem? There is and that is to use your body for what it was meant to do and we will help you achieve!


If you really believed you could do it, I promise you would not be reading this. If you don't believe in something you will fall for anything and the dark place you are in well that is just the start. 

What are the secrets?

A new approach to life for those that need it. Unlike most other men's coaching programs we work on the base level foundation and not break your bank. We work on your life as a person not a number, or client, but as a man to man approach that will make you want to do better for the universe around you. This proven tactic has been used time and time again in therapy, counciling, relationship coaching and digs right down into the core of who you are. So what is this trick, what is it that others use that I have been missing and why doesn't anyone talk about it and the answer is simple. Attachment style dictates all relationships in our lives, it moves the back of your mind to think you are not good enough, and can create the person that you know you are or destroy whatever is remaining. 

How can you be sure?

I've been down that road. In the book My Inferno that I wrote describes the challenges that I faced with alcohol abuse, relationship issues, mental and physical abuse from a partner, having my house taken, loosing all of my friends and drug to the point of my family silently disowning me. I picked up and dusted off the ashes my self and swore if I ever seen another man that needed help I would do everything in my power to fight with them to break them from the chains this world has attempted to place upon us. As the time of weak men grow and we are shamed for being strong this is a place to feel the victory of success and how it should feel to be the powerful being you have been created to be. Still can't believe it see what happened to me after I quit drinking. 

Day zero

Day Thrity

Day Sixty

Day Ninety 

What to expect

The drive, motivation, respect, honner, and dignity to push forward in everyday life to be the best person you can be! 

Specializing in men's mental health I've been down that road and new when I woke up it was time to help others, so grab my hand and let's get to work. 

Lets chat

Is today your day one, do you want to see what I know you can achieve? If not don't bother and honestly I hope you sit down and take a long hard thought of why you feel ashamed to ask for help but if you are ready then lets setup a call and get to work.