This is the only thing you have full control of, so it is time to take it, don't believe me think about this. Do you think you really have control of anyone that is free and understand they only control their mind; the answer is no because they know you really can't do anything that will stop a thought. Your body can give out at any time for any reason, so you don't control that either. So, let’s master the only thing you can control together. Meditation, understanding, focus and the ability to believe anything you set it to will be possible. 


You're mind is nothing without your body to protect it. You think you are going to make the ripples in this world you want without the self confidence of a built machine and physical self image. I thought to myself at one time why should I work out, then visiting MIT, and MTU why are two of the largest technological universities students always in the gym? It wasn't until this year I unlocked what physical training can do for someone. You feel better about yourself, you start to develop a sense of self pride and worth that at the end of the day no one can take.


This by far is one of the most important pillars along my journey I had to rediscover. If you don't believe in something you will fall for anything. It might sound far fetched but have you ever finished a snack or beer and thought why did I do that. Why can't I get it together or why is life so hard? Well with the universe being so giving I don't know either other than you are not asking for help from the only being that really matters at the end of the day. So to that I ask are you ready to change your life.

Change from the Old

It is amazing what you can do with a year so do me a favor take a minute to realize how many you have already wasted, I'll wait. If you are not upset with yourself then you are not ready for a coach but if you are fighting mad then let's chat. My goal for any life coaching is to ingrain the three pillars above into you like I have done and watch you take off like I know you can. Will it be hard, I would lie if I said no it will be easy. But just like myself I have already helped so many others on the path to recovery, a relationship, and the goles they thought would never be possible. So let's see what we can do together I'm excited are you?