Office 365 + Email

In a interconnected world it is important to have your own address and tools to get the job done. Ask yourself this when you seen a business card or listing with a gmail or yahoo email address do you ever have that second thought of doubt. In a study 80% of 5000 person survey said they would not use or buy from a service that did not have a person domain email address. In addition to the benefits of your own domain office 365 gives you the tools like word, excel, outlook as well as many others that you could already be benefiting from. 

Backup and Recover

On average from thirteen years of professional experience any type of data loss is a disaster, and only about five out of a hundred I've seen survive. This is not something to take lightly and now being employee records, confidential information, trade secrets are on the systems you use daily. Without a proper backup this is setting you up for a quick end to the empire you dream of building. Most professionals will say that only your server needs to be backed up, but time and time again it is that one file, that picture, or that folder right on the desktop that closes the doors for good.   


At a fixed visiting rate I am not going to let the clock be the judge of how importing the visit is to you. From a new location recommendation and equipment room design, to a complete overhaul of your technology infrastructure I am here to listen. Let's sit down and talk about that new computer that your friend told you about last weekend on the green, or that new office space you are moving into next month and you have no idea about what cat 5,6,7, or 8 is. Let's talk about all the new software you see ads for but have no idea how you can get to use it, or how to save time and energy harnessing the power of information technology. I want to hear about your goals, fears, and aspirations about what you need and design a plan that exceeds your expectations. Because I'll be honest the better you do, the better I look, and the more you grow the better story we can both tell. So let's get started on the first step to telling that story and sit down for a coffee. 


Do you sit and wonder at three in the morning there has to be a quicker way of doing this. Do you look around and think that I could get more done if everything was in place or that task was automated. I can tell you right now if there is a will there's a way. I've automated shipping systems, setup order management and inventory tracking software. But at the end of the day it is not going to do you a bit of good on anything I or anyone else setup if you don't know the in and out of how to use it. I can even get you to the point that you never call me for years and yes it has happened with a few older clients.