The Beginning 


Password Protect Dreamweaver Addon

I wrote a basic three file php extension that could require the user to enter a username and password before accessing pages. The addon was available on the acrobat marketplace for master collections cs4, and cs5 until it was removed with the latest version of dreamweaver being the creative cloud in 2021.

The Virus


I started odd and end camera installs, consulting calls, and technology reviews while working at a managed service provider in the day remote. In down time I completed cisco and Microsoft certifications to sharpen my skills. 

Consulting Drive


In the start of 2021 the web designing consulting took off as I blazed my trail of glory. In addition I sat down with many small and medium business owners finding the best solution to serve the needs of ever growing opportunity.

Forced Change


Having undergone a forced change of employment I used all of my skills as a seasoned managed service provider to get back to the roots of helping people with information technology. In a year alone I consulted, contracted, and completed some of my largest solo projects including a full server rack setup, new VoIP system installs, and a managed backup and replication system to Azure. 

New Beginnings 


Having the last year under my belt and the self rewarding feeling of not only working but being a partner to businesses and their success I dedicated my off hours training others about information technology when not on a call or site. It was with this focus that I have accelerated change in the way many small and medium businesses and homes leverage technology and it's power to push forward in the ever changing landscape of digital marketing and advancement.

Being Written


A new look, understanding and future await so give us a call and lets see what we can work on together.