The Beginning 


Password Protect Dreamweaver Addon

I wrote a basic three file php extension that could require the user to enter a username and password before accessing pages. The addon was available on the acrobat marketplace for master collections cs4, and cs5 until it was removed with the latest version of dreamweaver being the creative cloud in 2021.

VPN Tunnels


Hamachi Setup and VPN Deployment

Working with virtual networks at a young age I was able to teach myself how to standup basic VPN hosted tunnels. I set up ads on craigslist targeting gamers that wanted the ability to join each others home servers. This was my first taste of income and marketed at just over twenty an hour provided me the speed to push foward. 

Programming Car Controllers


Programming and Deployment of Kelly motor Controller

In Highschool I was offered the opportunity to work on an electric concept car for a educational network. In doing so I programmed my first electric car controller that power a main 72V motor and gear system that provided regenerative braking. Is was a huge milestone and sparked my interest in alternative energy and advance microcontroller usage. 

Geek Squad and Side Start


Joined the Geek Squad Task Force

In November of 2012 I joined one of the most well known personal computer, car audio, appliance and TV service business around in the states. I quickly moved my way up also working on server setup and networking on the side from ads I started learning with every mistake I made. 

Sound Systems


Small Church System Install

In December of 2013 I took my first large leap of faith in my ability to discover new opportunities by installing a soundboard and two amplifiers in a small church. This laid the groundwork to later install sound systems in clubs and event halls with computer and IT offerings. 

Keeping the books


Obtained Registered LLC

In the start of 2015 I registered The Old Element as a LLC and started to keep income into the business apart from the 9-5. I setup my own point of sale, client relation manager software, and advanced web integration to accept payments via card directly with the use of paypal.