One Day or Day One

Do you sit and think in your office or out in the field what if I didn't have to wake up to continue to build someone’s dream. What if I could stay home raising my kids or help around the house, or how about what if you could come up with something you could retire you parents and help your family that raised you? I have this to ask then is today going to be day one or are you going to just read this and think yeah one day. 

Age is a Number

Really think about it what is stopping little Johnny from making six figures running his own reselling operation? Guess what the answer is nothing and I've coached and seen it before my eyes. So do you really think there is no excuse with you having more resources and legal rights to not be able to do that because you are wrong. Some of my best students are pulling five to six figure years or even months and all of them under the age of 18. From copywriting, to drop shipping or how to start a side hustle to use a skill you already have to flip anything is possible. When you swallow your pride and understand that you are better and no gym rat ever laughed the first set, no business man laughed seeing a new startup you will realize people are here to help each other. 


Time truly is Money

Do you want to know the difference between a startup that takes off and one that fails, one work and that is dedication. From a very young age I was able to take my ideas, dreams, goals and ambitions to turn it into a money generating giant. The only thing I had at the time was a computer and brain not even a cell phone but I was able to share ideas, invest, provide service and had purpose that drove me to want more. So where did it end you might ask, when I became content with thinking life is good and I no longer needed to push to succeed. Two hours a day for the almost the last year I've been able to rebuild not only the four service offerings but also connect and outreach with the newest and upcoming names in the financial market and we have all said the same thing. Dedication, time, and consistency is all you need and you will never fail. 

Center Court to Succeed

An amazing man once said to his business partner that snaked him I am going to sit you center court and watch you fail. Just under a year that is exactly what happened because he knew what he was doing. The difference I am going to sit you center court and watch you succeed. I've built empires, watched from the back of the stage as people grew around me and took off with unimaginable power but there is a difference between us. I enjoy the ride while most enjoy the destination, people like to show off while I now just like to smile. So let's take a seat on that court and watch everyone start to cheer around you. Then when they are all standing I'll shake your hand and smile because I was able to enjoy the ride.